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Section of Political Psychology

From many years Polish psychologist are present and more and more visible in the field of political psychology. The evident symptoms of their activity are growing number of research projects and publications, edition of several manuals and teaching political psychology at most reputable universities. Therefore, to emphasize expanding interest in that field of psychology and to provide it some institutional framework, sixteen members of the Polish Society of Social Psychology took the initiative to set up the Section of Political Psychology. With the consent of the board of PSPS the section has been established in April 2007.
Anyone interested in cooperation with our Section is warmly welcome.

Management of the section:

President - Krystyna Skarżyńska, Professor

Vice-president - Jarosław Klebaniuk, PhD

Secretary - Piotr Radkiewicz, PhD

Members of the Section:

  • Janusz Czapiński
  • Szymon Czapliński
  • Dariusz Doliński
  • Marek Drogosz
  • Janusz Grzelak
  • Jarosław Klebaniuk
  • Krzysztof Korzeniowski
  • Maria Lewicka
  • Tomasz Maruszewski
  • Małgorzata Kossowska
  • Piotr Radkiewicz
  • Janusz Reykowski
  • Ludmiła Rycielska
  • Piotr Rycielski
  • Krystyna Skarżyńska
  • Bogdan Wojciszke


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